Revision Policy

Design Craftic offers allocated revisions with every package. You can request revisions as outlined in your selected package details. We commit to delivering the best services. We will revise the project until it meets the requirements.

Don’t worry about any additional charges if the design concepts remain unchanged. Additionally, we will send you the revised designs within 48 hours. However, once you finalize the design and request any alteration, we will consider it as a new order and bill it separately.

Refund Policy

We have a refund policy. However, the project will become non-refundable in the following cases:

  • You chose an advanced combo or special package.
  • You have approved the primary design idea.
  • You requested revisions for the initial design.
  • The cancellation request is due to an irrelevant reason.
  • You don’t remain in contact with the company for more than 2 weeks regarding the project.
  • Violation of company policies.
  • Approached another company or designer for the same project.
  • Inadequate information and details in the creative brief.
  • Demanding a 100% design revamp or a new project.
  • Claiming a refund after the stipulated time.
  • You changed the name of your business or brand after signing us.
  • If the reasons, such as change of mind or disagreement with a partner or any other reason irrelevant to our services, refunds won’t be entertained.
  • If you are dissatisfied with a specific service in a package, you will receive a refund for that service only.
  • No refunds after 15 days from the date of buying our digital package.
  • Services, in combination with Social Media, SEO, Domain Registration, and Web Hosting, won’t be entitled to a refund.
  • After you approve the website design, refunds won’t be entertained as the development starts.

Note: Design Craftic has the right to cancel the project and change terms and conditions at any time. If you request a refund, Design Craftic retains exclusive rights to the designs, and clients are prohibited from using them for any purpose.

Claim Your Refund

To initiate a refund, you can contact us at any of the following:

Upon receiving your refund request, we will promptly respond and initiate the process after completing the necessary analysis.

Once refunded, clients relinquish all rights to the designs, and the information is submitted to Government Copyright Agencies for legal purposes.

Quality Assurance Policy

Our team dedicates the complete support and time. Besides, we strive to meet your requirements. Our designers deliver designs, and developers code websites that exceed your expectations. Each design undergoes thorough research, craftsmanship, and final quality assurance before we deliver it.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our unlimited revisions policy aims for your complete satisfaction. We work hard to deliver the best design after certain revisions according to your package's limits.

Delivery Policy
  • Our team makes sure to deliver the entire order to the specified account on the date mentioned in the Order Confirmation.
  • We will also send you a confirmation email.
  • Project delivery time will align with the package.
  • We take a minimum of 2 business days to deliver orders. Meanwhile, please contact our customer support team for urgent order requests.
Record Maintenance

From initialization to every design approval, Design Craftic maintains records of all the designs to deliver accurate results.

Customer Support

We ensure a day-in, day-out, 24/7 customer support. Our team dedicates its time and addresses all your concerns and queries promptly.

Communication Policy
  • Design Craftic only communicates via ‘’.
  • We disclaim responsibility for communications conducted through platforms or numbers not expressly provided by us.
  • Our accountability is confined to information shared exclusively via our official communication channels.
  • We shall not be held liable for any compensations arising from the use of unauthorized contact details.